The only smart insole that heats and cools your body. Keep you just right.

An amazing product

Aria is not just the world’s smartest insole, we are focused also on design and comfort.
When science matches design the results is an amazing product.

Awesome features

Take a look at some of these features that makes Aria so unique. We worked hard to make a product that will stand out of the crowd.

  • Thermal management of your body

    Through a simple gesture you can set the temperature that most pleasing to your body.

  • Fit tracking

    Includes all the main features of the most common fit tracker: step counter, distance traveled and burned kcal.

  • Data recording

    Aria remembers every single step, every change in temperature, each cal burned and every drop of sweat poured and displays everything in simple graphs.

  • High precision steps counter

    The commons step counter are made through complicated algorithms for generating data from a device placed in the wrong place, at the wrist, often generating false values. Aria counts steps where the steps are born.

  • Social features

    Share the achievements reached with your friends.

  • Share data with an expert

    Set the data of your personal trainer or your doctor, you will be able to share with him the reports of your activities.

Only best materials

Aria is made with only the best materials used by podiatrists professionals by adding some smart material.

  • Awesome design
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Wireless charger - no cable needed
  • The only one that heats and cools
  • More comfortable than a common insole
  • Antishock - protect your joints
  • Antifungal e antibacterial
  • It adapts to any type of shoe
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Aria, the smart insole will be available soon. Let’s keep in touch.

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